Day 2:Tsana

Hello Beautiful Friends,

Today’s sketch was extremely challenging for me today.  I struggled with her every step of the way.  However one of the items in my contract with art is to create with joy even when things don’t go my way.  In light of that commitment I offer you Tsana.

One of my goals is to create more realistic looking girls so I started by finding an image on Google that spoke to me.  I came across this beauty Tsana


The first step in any sketch is drawing the guide lines and basic features of the face.

Once I was satisfied with her basic features I took my pencils and started shading in the darkest values. IMG_5070

Then I added some additional values and went in with my eraser to lighten up a few areas. IMG_5071

Next I added details to her eyes, mouth, neck and ear.

At this point I started working on her hair and also attempted to fix some of the values that were bothering me.  I also started to realize that she was looking less and less like my photo reference but that is okay.  Sometimes they take on a life of their own. IMG_5075

Finally I took my Stabilo All pencil and scribbled around her then used water to spread the Stabilo.



Here she is completed.  If I am honest she is not my favorite girl.  However that is okay!  This is a learning process and not everything we make is going to be magnificent.

If I where to make her again I would do a few things different.  In the photo her head is tilted upward slightly  and the values on her hair are much darker then I could achieve.  I always say practice makes progress and so I am going to thank her for all that she taught me but also move on  and take the lessons with me.


Oh yes; I almost forgot very early this morning I sketched another girl who does not really count for my face a day but I love her so much I wanted to share her with you.  FullSizeRender111211 I just want to say Thank you again to everyone who is following me on this journey.

Constructive feedback is always appreciated and welcome!  Tell me what you think in the comments bellow.  What do you think I could have done differently?What do you do when a piece is just not coming together like you hoped?


6 thoughts on “Day 2:Tsana

  1. Kim Shrader says:

    While you may not have achieved a realistic image, the woman you created is truly your own and is beautiful. Your women are looking more and more realistic each time. For myself, I started to keep notes for each piece I do…what went according to plan, what did not and why, etc. if I go back a 2nd or 3rd time to re-create, the notes are a great guide.


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