Day 3: Magnoila Flower in Her Hair

Hello Beautiful Friends!

For today’s piece I used this girl as inspiration. My goal was not to copy her exactly but to achieve the same feel.  mangoialorg

I started by taking some light blue and white craft paint and spreading it on the page randomly mixing the white and the blue.  Once that was completely dry I sketched her basic features.

The next step was to take my acrylic paint and loosely paint the values in on her face, hair, neck as wells as the flower in her hair.

Once the paint was completely dry I started slowly adding more detailed values with Pastels.IMG_5116

It was at this point that I started to panic.  I realized that I made the values on the left side of her face much much darker then I had intended….and I had absolutely no idea how to fix it.  Thankfully I have a group of art friends who are always crazy encouraging  reminded me that it will all be okay.   I just want to say special thank you to April Lopez and Must Art – Muriel Stegers for tips and feedback on how to fix her.

What I ended up doing was taking some acrylic Amsterdam Naples Yellow Light Hue and  painted over the places that where too dark.  That worked perfectly!

Once the acrylic paint was dry, I went back in with my pastels and re-drew some of her features as well as added more detail to her hair and gave her eyelashes.  I also painted her flower and added pastels to that as well.


To finish her up I took a stencil with some french writing on it and some Titanium White paint and stenciled over the blue back ground.  When that was dry I took some light blue and some light green pastels and covered the entire background with them.

The last step was to add some gold and sliver glitter to her flower as a way to honor my friends who reminded me to relax and to eat my glitter for breakfast 😉 IMG_5128

Here she is completed.  I really love her.  I struggled with her and that is okay.  She is certainly not perfect and there where moments that I wanted to give up and start over but I am so glad I pushed through.  I need to work on not panicking when things go wrong.  All mistakes can be fixed.    mangoiliafinshed

I will leave you this thought from my amazing and friend Muriel who I absolutely admire and look up to….

“The not giving up part is such a big part of being successful. . And not successful as in creating “IT” but in “creating it” You crossed some major boundaries tonight ♡♡ and I can really related to that feeling! Sticking with something in creating art is an art itself! Thank god for glitter ♡♡”


Tell me what you think in the comments below…





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