Day 4

Hello Friends!

Today was more practice on creating a girl using a photo reference.  I found this beauty on Pinterest.  I loved her eyes and her amazing hair.letsfaceitweek1I started like I almost always do by sketching her features.  I had a difficult time with the curvature of her back.  It also took me a few attempts to get the distance between her chin and shoulder correct.

The next step was taking my acrylic paints to loosely paint in the most obvious values.  Just for fun; I decided to use a dark purple for the darkest values in her face.  I then mixed  Titanium White and Naples Yellow Red Light to lighten the purple as needed.  It was fun playing with a color that is not normally found in the face.  I used Burnt Umber. Raw Sienna and Amsterdam Naples Yellow Red Light for the values in her hair.

Next I took my pastels and brought back the details.  I redrew some of her features.  As I was adding the values with the pastels I realized that I made the purple acrylic too dark on the right side of her face.   This was as easy fix because of the mistakes from yesterday.  I learned that I can paint acrylic right on on top of the pastels.  I took some of the Naples Yellow that I had been using and toned down the purple.  Then I went back in and finished the details of her face.  (I tried giving her an open mouth with teeth but it was just awful so I painted over it!)

The last thing I did was painted her shirt and the background.  I took black and white craft paint and painted the background a gray tone.  Once the acrylic paint was dry I took my gray and light blue pastels and went over it with the entire background.

I am so happy with this girl.  I feel like she is my best one yet!  I am going to enjoy this feeling of making a girl that came pretty easy and turned out well.  I know every day is not going to be this easy, I am thankful.

I still need a name for her.  Any Suggestions? day4

Tell me what you think the comments below…What should I name her? Did you like the purple in her face?  Have a great day!!  4 out of 365 done! Whoo Hooo!! 


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