Day 5: Follow your Curiosity

Hello My Lovely Friends,

Can you believe we are already 5 days into 2016?  Its crazy how much I have learned already and we have really just begun.  I have been trying to learn how to draw hand for ages and I was not improving.  I was having a difficult time understanding the size and ratio.  A friend of my suggested tracing and so this is where today’s girl starts.

I started by placing  Graphite Paper  down in my art journal.  Then I took my reference photo and traced just the hands and shape of her head.  This really helped me to understand how big hand actually is, and I could look at the fingers as shapes instead of fingers.

The next step was drawing in her features and adding the darkest values.  I also did the details in her eyes and her mouth.  I have to say I am pretty proud of her eyes!  I have been practicing and yes there is progress!!

I started working on the values of her body and hand and hair.  I noticed that the some of the values on her face where not dark enough so I darkened them.   Once I had the dark values done, I went in with my eraser and created light her face, body and hands.  Then I drew a red thread on her finger.

She is inspired by one of my favorite artists Robin Laws .  A few weeks ago she did a painting of a Raven that found a red thread…and how the Raven followed the thread with out questioning where it would go.  (You really need to look up Robin on Facebook and see the Raven painting…)  This painting moved me to tears…it was so beautiful and sense then Robin as done other paintings and stories with the red thread.  In  honor of Robin I wrote a little story to go along with this girl….I hope you like her and her story as much as I do.

She had been sitting like this for hours just staring out the window, and then playing with the red thread she had tied to her finger then back to staring out the window.  Enough! I said what is bothering you so much, and why is that red thread tied to your finger.  She burst into tears and then began to tell me about how she found this bit of string and it was connected to a much longer string and she desperately wanted to follow it.  However she was terrified, so she just took a tiny bit of it and ran back home.

We talked a while about what is the worst things that could happen, I won’t share with you all of her deep fears because I want to respect her privacy…In the end it came down to something we had heard Brene Brown say on a pod cast….what would be more painful? To follow the read thread even if something bad where to happen or to not follow her curiosity and always wonder?   I am so proud of her because just a few minutes ago she decided to go back and pick up the rest of the thread and find out where it leads her.  I hope she comes back some day to tell me all about her adventures”


Tell me what you think in the comments below….Did you check out Robins work? Do you have a red thread you want to follow? 

PS. Robin as a website  Go check it out!



4 thoughts on “Day 5: Follow your Curiosity

  1. Robin Laws says:

    oh this is a beautiful post showing your very sweet heart and you powerful desire to express yourself with your art. I am honored to have a small role in helping you along your journey as an artist! xox thank you Leanne. This is a beautiful gift!


  2. Penny Maxwell says:

    Thanks for sharing your process and beautiful story. I’m catching up and should be ready to begin tonight. Excited to get started!


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