Day 10: “Heart to Heart”

Hello Friends,

Today was such a fun day!!  I worked on this piece the almost the entire day.   I really made sure to savor each moment because as I have learned good art days don’t come easy.  The past few days have been so hard that today felt like a gift.

I started by sketching the figures on white wood.  I used by 6B graphite pencil to shade in some values and then went over her face and hands with white gesso.  Once that was dry I went over the complete panel with clear gesso.


Then I took my acrylic paint and started painting in the values of her face and hands.

Then I took my Neo Colors II and started on their shirts. I also gave them both the first layer of hair.  I used blending white to blend the Neos.

.After that I took more acrylic paint and went over the blue of the shirt and blended everything together.  I also painted the back of his neck, and her arms and hand.

I painted the background a mixture, of black, white and the blue I used in his shirt.  Then I started work on her hand.  The hand is what took me the longest.  I spent hours working on it.  I even had to redo it at one point.  I have never painted a hand before so it took me some time to figure it out.  After I started over on the hand I realized that the Neo Color II would give me the look I was trying to achieve.

Here they are completed.   They are not perfect but I love them very much.  This is my new favorite peace. loveThis piece was inspired in part by one of my favorite poets Gerhard E. Frost 

“I’ve Missed You”

I knocked today at my friend’s door;

he answered, and I went in.

“I’ve the best possible reason for coming,” I said.

“What’s that?” said he.

“I’ve missed you.

I had no other reason.

I just wanted to stand up close,

shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart,

with this, my friend.

We found it reason enough. 


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