Days 11 & 12: Done is better then Good

Hello Friends,

I did not write a blog post yesterday, however I did do a day 11 girl.  I have decided that it is okay for me to not write here everyday.  I don’t always have something to say so instead of forcing the conversation if I won’t always write.  If you want to see my faces everyday please follow me on Facebook. “Leanne Schuetz Art”

DAY 11:

Here is my day 11 girl.  I was so not in the mood for creating yesterday, but I made a commitment to myself and I was not going to break that commitment.  I also read something in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic that really helped me get over my block of not feeling like it.  She says “Done is better then Good”  There is honor in creating even when you don’t feel like it, and even when you know it is not going to be great.  IMG_5423

I have noticed that now that we are 12 days into this journey that I have cycle.  I will have a day or two when I am on fire creatively, and everything comes out beautifully.  Then I will have several days of struggling.   I think it is because I attempt to give each piece my everything…I fully commit to the piece.  What happens is that my “creative tank” goes empty and the next few days I am running on fumes. It takes my tank a few days to fill up again.  Its the days I am creating on an empty tank when everything is hard.   So I just need to be able to give my self some grace and empathy on the days when I am creating on an empty tank.

DAY 12:

Today’s piece was a part of my homework from the year long course I am taking called “Let’s Face It” hosted by Kara Bullock.  (there is still time to sign up if you are interested in joining me)   I will not go into details about the process of this girl or why I made certain choices.  I want to respect Kara’s classroom.  Instead I will tell you about who she is.

I would like to introduce you to my friend Fear.


Fear, is one of my most understood and challenging friends.  Many people dislike her so much they try to live their lives with out her.  I know you may be confused on why I like her so much when this year I am trying to focus on courage.  Let me explain, Fear is a warrior.  Her only job is to keep me safe and alive.  I can not tell you how thankful I am for the many times she grabbed my arm and kept me from jumping of a “cliff” that probably would have killed, or seriously injured me.  Fear is my body guard.

The challenging part about my friend ,is that she can be a bit of a bully, and sometimes she gets in the way of things I really want to do.  She can not always tell the difference between something that is going to kill me and something that is just new and exciting.  I am constantly having to talk her down and show her that we will be okay.

Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one.  You can not have courage with out Fear.


Please tell me in the comments below what you think…



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