Day 16: Playing with Pastels

Happy Saturday Friends,

I don’t usually have much time on Saturdays to create, however we had nothing planned today so I was able to get my face done pretty early in the day.

It had been a few day’s sense I played with my pastels, so I decided to take them out.  I did not use a photo reference today and just let the pastels lead me where they wanted to go.

I started by taking a light flesh tone pastel pencil and loosely sketched the girls face.  IMG_5514Then I took my Prisma color Nupastels and started to fill in the colors of her face.

I then took my pastel pencils and filled in her eyes and mouth.  I also gave her hair.  I love the way my pastels blend to make beautiful ginger hair.


Next I gave her some clothes and touched up some of the details on her face and hair.


Finally I used various shades of blue and adjusted the shape of her body.  Here she is completed.  day16

I find it just as much fun to create a whimsy girl as it is to create a more realistic looking girl.   I am still trying to figure out my style of art but I think it is going to land some where between whimsy and realism.

What are your plans for the weekend?  Do your prefer whimsy or realistic?  Tell me in the comments below…




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