Day 17 & 18: The Journey Home

Hello Friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Yesterday I played with a new color palette called “gray scale”  It is when you use black and white to paint the figure.  It was a lot of fun and I see my self doing more of these in the future.  Day 18 was going to be completely in gray scale but as they often do the piece took on a life of its own.

Day 17:

I started by sketching her figure and then doing some shading with my 6B graphite pencil.


Then I took my black and white paint and started mixing it into various shades of gray so that I could paint her.  I also sketched in the little chapel in the background.

Next I painted the chapel and well as the sky, dirt road and flowers.

I thought she was done but the more I looked at her the more I realized that her hand was fading into her pants.  So I gave her some blue jeans and made her shirt more white.  I am still not sure if she is done, so I am going to come back to her in a few days and then make the final decision.


I often times tell my self stories about the girls as I paint them.  I don’t like to share them because I feel like my art is better then my story telling, and it feels more vulnerable.  I also kind of like the idea that you have to decide for your self what her story is.   However many of you asked me on my Facebook wall about her story so I thought it would be fun if I told you part of her story and you tell me the rest….

The Journey Home

                 “I met her while waiting for the bus.  My car had broken down and I needed to run a few errands so public transportation was my best option.  I love to observe and look at peoples faces, she must have caught me starting because she said “May I help you?” in a slightly annoyed voice.   I apologized for staring and told her that I am an artist and that she had one  of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen up close.  She kind of laughed me off and said I must be crazy.

She must have found me amusing because she decided to sit down next to me and we began to talk.  As we chatted she began to tell me her life story.  She is from a very small town in the middle of nowhere.  When she was 18 she decided that her small town had nothing to offer her so she left everything she knew and moved to Phoenix.  “Why Phoenix?” I asked.  She laughed and said…..tell me in the comments below what do you think the rest of her story is?

Day 18:

Today’s girl is from the class “Let’s Face It” hosted by Kara Bullock



Tell me what you think in the comments below….what is the rest of the story from “The Journey Home”


2 thoughts on “Day 17 & 18: The Journey Home

  1. Becky Chappell says:

    Oh, Leanne…you a such a tease!!! 🙂 Ok, here goes…she loves the warmth and dryness compared to where she was from, and also found she loved the warmth of the people there.
    I know, that’s a boring ending, but that’s what came up!


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