Day 20: Gratitude

Hello Friends!

Can you believe we are 20 days into the year!!  I have having such a good time on this journey.  I was so inspired by Sunday’s Piece that I decided to make another version of her.

I started by loosely sketching her face and figure. IMG_5603

Then I took my charcoal pencil and shaded her face and started to paint the background.

Next I started to paint her face.

At this point I got so wrapped up in creating her that I forgot to stop and take pictures.

I decided that the background was too dark so I painted over it with white gesso.  While the white paint was drying I added more details to her face and painted her shirt and body.  Once the gesso was dry I repainted the background and painted her hair.

Here she is completed. day20

I just love her and her story so much!  I am almost certain that there will be at least one more piece in this series.  Tell me where do you think her story should go?  Tell me in the comments below. 


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