Day 22, 23 & 24: Reverie

Hello Friends,

I thought I had posted a blog for days 22 and 23.

Day 22:

For day 22, I used the same reference photo as day 21, but this time I think I was closer to getting the angle of the head correct.


Day 23:

Yesterday I took an online workshop by Must Art, Muriel Steigers.  This was her Angels of Emotions workshop and I made “Starling-The One Who Brings”  This was such a fun workshop!  I encourage you if you are thinking about taking a class to consider taking one from Muriel.


Day 24:

Today I finished the last piece in “The Journey Home” Series.   I used techniques I learned form Muriel class to make the chapel.   Here are all three pieces in the series together.  I think I did a pretty good job of moving the story along.


Here is the last piece and day today’s girl close up.  All three pieces are available for purchase in my online Facebook group.




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