Day 25 & 26

Hello Friends!


Day 25:

Yesterday I sketched this girl using graphite pencils. IMG_5835

Day 26: Rachel

Today’s girl is from Petra Stein’s lesson in Let’s Face It.   Petra is all about making imperfectly perfect girl.  She used a technique that I had never done before and it was super challenging but I had fun with her.  I love Petra’s perspective on Art.  She is a great teacher and I can highly recommend any of her classes.  You can find more about Petra and her classes by clicking here.

Out of respect for Petra, I won’t share with you the details of how I made her but I will share with you her story.



I would like you to meet my friend Rachel. We have been trying to get together for weeks but she has been super busy. However today we decided to meet for lunch at the mall.

She was about 45 min late and I was starting to get annoyed until she walked up. I burst out in laughter because this is not the first time this has happened. “Yes, again”she said in a rather annoyed voice….”Can we just not talk about it”.

What you have to know about Rachel is that she hates to say no. It’s a real problem. She also hates to say no to the women who work at the make up counter at the mall.

She avoids it at all cost. But she was running late to meet me so she decided to take a short cut through the department store…and that’s when she heard those 6 words that where going to ruin her day and make her late for lunch. “Would you like a free makeover?

She tried to say no, but she just could not bring her self to say it. She tried explaining to the nice lady that she really does not like make up and would prefer a natural look. However the sales girl just ignored her and told how she could make her look amazing with yellow and pinks and purples. Finally it was over she caught a glimpse of her self in the mirror and did her best not to cry.

I knew better then to lecture her so when she showed up we had a good laugh and then I helped her wip the stuff off her face.


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