Day 32: Playing with Pastels

Hello Friends,

Before I start on today’s post I realized that I had made a little mistake.  In my excitement to share with you all 31 faces of January, I forgot to post Day 30’s face.

So here she is….day30

On to today’s girl…

I started by using toned pastel paper which I have never used before.  I used special tape to tape the paper to a piece of old cardboard so that I could create her on my easel. Next  I sketched out her face and a few strands of her hair.  I also did the first few layers of her skin tone.

Next I added more layers to her face, added some details to her eyes and lips and I also added some flowers to her hair.

Then I filled in the flowers and started to work on her hair.  I also colored in her shirt.

Finally I carefully removed the tape, and added some color to the background and filled out her hair a bit more.  Here she is completed.


I have added several light layers of fixative and now she is drying.  I just love soft pastels!

What are you working on?  Have you experimented with any new supplies lately?  Tell me in the comments below…


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