Day 35: Self Care & Week 5 Wrap Up

Hello Friends,

I have been away from Facebook less then a day and I am already feeling better about my self and my art.

Today I spent time sketching in my sketch book.  I put on some loud worship music and spent the time sketching and praying and getting my focus back to what matters.  As much as I love my art, in view of eternity its not that important.  It is just paper, and paint or graphite.

I am trying to find my way back to art being about the joy of creating and not about what others think about it.

I started like I always do by lightly drawing her basic figures and mapping out where they should be.  I will usually use a ruler or a pencil to make sure everything is lined up.  However today I just winged it.  I did not care about accuracy but more about making the processes fun again. IMG_6045

Then I took my 8b and 6b graphite pencils and my blending stump and started shading her face.

Next I worked on her neck, shoulder, eyes and mouth.

Then I worked on her hair and sweater. day35a

Here she is completed.  day35

If I look at her objectively, there are a few changes I would make next time.  I wish I had made her eyes a tad further apart and I also need to pay closer attention to the spacing between her mouth and nose and mouth and chin.  I also need to pay close attention to make sure I am not leaving hard lines when I am blending in the shadows.  Over all I really like her.  I like her lips and I think I did a great job on her hair and her neck.

Here are all the girls from this week.

Thanks for coming with on this journey.  I will probably slowly start to get back to Facebook on Saturday…but I am just going to see how I feel.


4 thoughts on “Day 35: Self Care & Week 5 Wrap Up

  1. Penny Maxwell says:

    Leanne, I’m glad your feeling better. Often we do need to step back and put everything in perspective. Our faith surely helps us do that. I am amazed at far you have come in your art since I first joined Petra’s group in October, sometimes feeling a wee bit envious I must admit. Anyway, I love this girl, she is beautiful and so are you!


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