Day 36: Bird on my Shoulder



Hello Friends,

This morning I woke up with a desire to paint.  I wanted to ease back into it so I took one of my small square wood canvas and decided to take it a step at a time for as long as it felt fun

I started by sketching my girl and the little bird. The I added some clear gesso so the wood would not absorb all my paint. image

Once the clear gesso was dry I started to work on blending in the colors of her face   I noticed that I missed a few small spots. So I let the paint dry and the I added more clear gesso. While I was waiting for the gesso to dry I started painting the birdie.

Once then gesso on her face was dry I stated blending in more colors to her face.  I worked as intuitively as possible and just enjoyed finding out who she was going to be.  I took my colored pencils, Neo Colors II and added details to here eyes, mouth and shirt.  I also used the colored pencils to fill in the details on her birdie friend.

Finally I added some liquid acrylics to the background and started on her hair. imageHere she is completed.  She is not the best girl I have ever made.  However I do like her and I am thankful that the painting seems to be coming back. image


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