Update; The Past Year

Hello Lovelies,

I can’t believe it has been almost a full year sense my last blog post.  2016 turned out to be such a crazy hard year for me creatively, however it resulted in me having a clear idea of what my goals are and what is truly important to me.


My Daughter Olivia, my “Sunshine Girl”

I got caught up in selling my art and therefore only creating art that I thought would sell, not what came from my heart.   With everything there are good and bad parts to that experience.  It pushed me to refine my techniques and to learn a lot about the technical side of creating and gave me a peak into the “business of art”  After becoming completely stuck and hating everything I was creating I had an epiphany.   I do NOT enjoy actively selling my art, and I want to take time to learn as much as I can and at the same time create from my HeArt.


First painting of 2017, with my word of the year “Gentle”

So once I had that realization I enjoyed creating again.  I stopped actively trying to sell my art but will sell a piece of someone reaches out to me wanting to buy it.   I also began abandoning my artwork .  I create so often that I just can’t keep everything I make.  It is so fun to give it way for random strangers to find.  Sometimes they contact me to let me know they found it and sometimes they don’t.  Either way the process of leaving it for someone to find has been great for my heart.


Poppies in Payne’s Grey 

Due to the fact that I am now just creating for me it has given me the permission to take risks and grow as an artist.  I have made a ton of “ugly” art or “bad” art but every piece is important to my journey.  The past few weeks I feel like a lot of things have clicked for me and so my drawings have become more realistic and my paintings have more depth.  I am also taking some time to explore painting imagined landscapes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh and before I forget I am playing with the idea of offering a mixed media art class that will be for all levels.  I am still in the very early stages of development but I wanted you all to be the first to know!  I am also going to start doing FREE mini live tutorials on my Facebook page to help get me used to speaking on camera.  I hope you will join me.

My wish for you  (and for me) my lovely friends is that this year in 2017 you will be gentle with your self as your pursue your creativity however that may look, that you take risks, embrace failure, and keep on practicing the thing you love.




3 thoughts on “Update; The Past Year

  1. pgreenfield says:

    I so enjoyed reading your reflection and the path you have set yourself upon with your art and yourself. I really enjoy seeing your work and hope you will continue to share. I don’t buy art often, but once a piece grabs me it brings me joy whenever I gaze upon it–I am confident that I will one day own one of your pieces that will be that special piece to me. I am sending you a pic of one such piece that I have–love you.

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